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Welcome to the Official Website of Hamara Karachi Foundation

Experience the unique atmosphere of Hamara Karachi this year during an unforgettable four weeks of the very best in international cultural shows, music, theatre, dance, mushairas, food streets, fireworks, visual arts and much more.

In 2012, just as the elite performers gather in Karachi, see the stars of today alongside the next generation of world-class artists and immerse yourself in a unique celebration of artistic excellence. Join us from Tuesday 13 March until Saturday 7 April for an inspirational journey that explores the power of the arts to unite people from Pakistan.
2012 Festival
13 March to 7 April
2011 Festival
5 March to 13 March
2010 Festival
10 March to 24 March
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Start your day with an unforgettable musical experience.
Immerse yourself in a world of music and a profusion of styles to excite and delight every taste.
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More about Festival
Throughout Festival 2012, Hamara Karachi ’s Arthur’s Seat is the focus for a remarkable fusion of innovative public art and sporting endeavour.